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Focused on sustainability

Reducing our carbon footprint

Fresh ingredients have been at the centre of Caper & Berry’s ethos since our formation in 2004; delicious dishes are only as good as their component parts.

As our business has grown, we have recognised our duty of care to the environment and how this not only affects the quality of our food, but our planet as a whole. Whether Caper & Berry are co-ordinating your exclusive event or if you are dining in one of our restaurants, we are making a conscious effort to have a positive impact on our surroundings at every stage of our process.

When it comes to the food, once again we cannot sing their praises enough. At an event for 320 people, every single plate went out perfectly, looking the same, and on time. It was perfection personified. We got more compliments on the food that we did anything else that evening, including from vegetarian guests who said they usually feel like they are an afterthought, but certainly didn’t that night.


Christmas Party

We source our seed locally from one of the three surrounding farms to keep the food miles down. Once the seed is pressed we are left with 2 products, the oil and the seed husk. The husk is sold on as a cattle feed and the oil is then filtered to produce our pure oil.

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Sustainabale suppliers

We pledge to deliver the most environmentally conscious events we can, and to do this, we use the very best local ingredients, source hire and equipment from local yet trusted suppliers to the venue and by limiting the amount of deliveries where possible.